About Us

Who we are. What we believe.
Our Core Belief.

Everyone deserves a home that is safe, regardless of income.

We believe that access to affordable housing is key to the long-term success of a community. Yet today there is a gap of seven million homes available to lower-income members of the workforce.

Our Strategic Approach

Optimizing performance in an undervalued asset class

Our roots are firmly in the tech world. By leveraging those resources, we've unlocked operational and data-driven efficiencies that enable an asset class that historically has been overlooked.


Market rent, regardless of source

Many believe that lower-income means lower rent. This isn't the case - HCVP participants pay the Fair Market Rents.


Long tenancy lowers operating costs

All tenants are screened the same, regardless of payment source. This drives long-term tenancy, with stabilized cashflow and minimal CapEx.


Acquisitions at 30% of replacement cost

Our average cost of acquiring an individual property is a fraction of what  equivalent new construction would be.


Operations managed via local partners

All operational activities are managed by local, in-market partners. This allows us to operate at scale with minimal overhead.

Seeking Alpha While Doing Good

As a firm we believe that generating quality, yield-driven returns and improving the human condition are not in opposition.

Management Team

BRian Bagdsarian
Managing Partner

Mr. Bagdasarian is a seasoned technology operator, and the Founder and CEO of Simply Homes, Inc - a venture-backed real estate PropTech company that has developed its machine-learning driven automated sourcing and underwriting platform for the distressed housing sector. He previously held roles at several top tech firms.

robert kavanagh
Managing Partner

Mr. Kavanagh, in addition to his role at Simply Capital Management, is also the Managing Partner at Edifis Capital, an ESG-focused asset manager that manages a large European social housing portfolio. Previously he was a Director in the power, energy and infrastructure team at Cantor Fitzgerald and prior to that in Jefferies.

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